Help Your Engine
Run Better And Last Longer

Add Sea Foam to all fuel & oil systems to safely clean & lubricate critical engine areas.
  • Cleans fuel injectors & carb jets
  • Stabilizes gas & diesel fuels
  • Safe for all gasoline & diesel engines
Use Sea Foam Spray to clean critical upper engine areas where fuel cleaners can’t reach.
  • Cleans intake valves & chamber deposits
  • Apply through throttle body or carburetor throat
  • Critical for modern GDI engines
Marine PRO helps your marine engine run smoother & last longer.
  • Add to fuel to clean fuel injectors & carburetor jets
  • Stabilizes tank fuel up to 2 years
  • Helps prevent corrosion caused by ethanol & water
Sea Foam HIGH MILEAGE works to keep higher mileage gas cars & trucks on the road longer.
  • Add to fuel to clean fuel injectors & carburetor jets
  • Add to engine oil to help clean & prevent the common causes of oil burning
  • Reduces long-term engine wear & helps prevent rough performance
Use Bugs B Gone to clean tough road bugs, grime, & other organic residues from all types of vehicle surfaces.
  • Safe on clear coat, paint, chrome, & more
  • Loosens & removes stubborn organic crud
  • Fast, effective, no film or haze
Deep Creep is a premium-grade lubricant oil & penetrant that creeps deeper, works harder, & lasts longer.
  • Frees stubborn parts from rust & corrosion
  • Cleans & protects metal parts & tools
  • Resists heat & evaporation
Trans Tune works fast to overcome erratic shifting or rough system operation caused by sticky fluid residues.
  • Use in automatic transmissions, hydraulics, or power steering fluid systems
  • Works fast to dissolve sticky fluid gum & varnish
  • Safe for conventional & synthetic fluids
Sea Foam IC5 Fuel Injector Cleaner is specially formulated to clean fuel injectors for better engine performance.
  • Add to fuel to help clean fuel injectors & restore injector spray patterns
  • Helps recover lost MPG & reduce exhaust emissions
  • Safe for all types of gasoline fuel injection engines

Prevent Common Engine Problems

Sea Foam makes products that help overcome or prevent common engine problems.

Avoid Costly Engine Repairs

Stop problems before they start. Sea Foam is trusted by millions every day to keep their engines running clean and trouble-free.

Safe And Easy
To Use

Sea Foam products are made from safe ingredients that can’t harm your engine.



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